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anyone who associates oneself; be united in action or interest.

Anyone can be an affiliate however best can be done with talent, skills, devices, and time like content creators, marketers, publishers, retail companies, and many more.

The best part about affiliate marketing is that virtually anyone can start doing it, regardless of age, marketing experience, location, or budget. All that’s needed is a topic you are passionate about and a bit of time and effort spent on growing your affiliate channel. If you already have your own blog, a following on social media, or a video channel running, that makes things a bit easier – you can use those places to start making money with affiliate marketing immediately.

And really, you won’t have to work in a much different way than before – virtually the only difference will be that you will be recommending relevant products or services to your followers every so often.

If you don’t have a channel through which you can promote affiliate products yet, it might take a bit longer to see any results from your affiliate efforts. Still, with some patience and determination, it’s doable. As long as you have a bit of technical knowledge (to set up your own website or blog, create ads and track your content performance), decent communication skills, and have a defined niche for yourself, you are good to go and be a super affiliate with an influential affiliate business.

The simplest explanation is that affiliate marketing is when you offer or promote someone’s product or service to a potential customer to earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is a pretty straightforward marketing method where companies ask third-party bloggers, influencers, or even their customers, to recommend their products or services to other people via affiliate offers. Those people are called affiliates, and their main job is to convince people to do a specific action – like buying a product, a service, or subscriptions.

In return, you’ll be paid a certain amount every time a sale is made that can be directly credited to you mostly in cash. To start earning from affiliate marketing, you first need to join an affiliate marketing program – meaning, you need to work with a company from a given niche, agreeing that you will bring them new customers, and they will pay you for it.

There are hundreds of affiliate programs in virtually every industry, so finding a program to join shouldn’t be the slightest problem for you.

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing program in which you refer someone to any online product or service and when that person buys the product or service, in return, you receive a commission. In some cases, an affiliation program uses a platform or software to set the amount or percentage, track the sale, and a portal for an affiliate to have access to where they can track and view their customer’s successful transactions, commissions, and progress. Affiliate marketing actually falls under the umbrella of performance marketing, as commissions are paid on performance, which is typically the moment that a sale is made.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is that you don’t take the risk, you don’t work for anyone, you make a sale or not you awe nothing to anyone, you don’t need to register a business or be a registered merchant, you don’t pay monthly bills, etc…

The cons, on the other hand, most of the program requires a number of days before you get your commissions, the common reason is “the money-back guarantee expiration” fairly to make sure the company won’t end up paying you the commission when the purchase was being refunded. The better way of doing it is “to just do it in your comfort” and the time for your payment will just come. Since affiliate marketing is inherently performance-based, you will only be paid for results in the form of share-a-sale revenue, so the consistency, the way, and your performance matter.

To do this, the affiliates spend most of their time creating various pieces of content that introduce their readers or followers to valuable products and services and nudge them into clicking on a unique link included in the content. Once a follower or website visitor clicks the link and completes the desired action, an affiliate is rewarded with a pre-agreed commission, usually a percentage of the sales revenue or a fixed amount.

You may not have realized it, but a large majority of bloggers, influencers, and YouTubers are earning money through affiliate marketing – for example, by posting a review about a new fitness gadget they used recently and adding a link where you can buy it yourself. However, you don’t actually need to have hundreds and thousands of followers to start affiliate marketing – you can start with affiliate marketing even if you don’t have a blog or social account yet!

Hardly not, think of it this way. Why would a company scam an affiliate when they need one? Why throw away something useful?

However, you should be careful as there are unfortunately many shady “affiliate programs” that promise temptingly high commissions only to stop responding the moment you ask for your money – or when you get into trouble by promoting a product or service that doesn’t exactly work as advertised.

Always read the terms and conditions of any affiliate marketing program you want to join (especially the fine print and affiliate disclosure statement) and stay away from any affiliate marketing network that sounds “too good to be true.” But there’s one more reason why you should read the guidelines before clicking on the “Apply” button – the most popular programs and networks can be pretty picky.

Sadly, the only answer we can give you here is “It depends.” Commission rates can vary wildly between industries and even between different programs, as they are based on the niche you picked, the type and price of the products you are promoting, affiliate program rules, and many other things.

Is affiliate marketing a nice way of earning extra money using your passion and promoting the products you like? Absolutely. Can it get you rich quickly and with little effort? No. You have to work for your affiliate business success – find the right niche and program for yourself, create helpful content for your audience and keep learning new skills.

The only thing for sure here is that the more people you can bring to the affiliate program owner, the more chances that you will earn a commission. Those tempting videos on Youtube that say “they earn thousands in a week” may even be true. You also should be aware that affiliate income is in no way a stable source of money; at least in the beginning, as you might have several commissions in one month and then make no sales in the next one.

Once you find an affiliate program with products you want to promote, you simply need to click on the link leading to an affiliate marketing landing page and fill out a signup form. This way, you can become an affiliate marketer in seconds!

Of course, when it comes to high-paying or renowned programs though, you might have to wait a while before you get any confirmation from them. This is because the program owners typically get dozens of applications per day, and they are looking through all of them to select only the affiliates that fit their needs the most and could appeal to their potential customers.

If you don’t meet the requirements outlined on the website, you will be most likely rejected – for example, when the program owners don’t accept social media promotion, and you want to make money with affiliate marketing through your social media marketing channel. In order to save both your time and the managers’ time, always read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up.


In fact, you only need 3 things, and 2 of them, you may have right now. A device, internet access, and affiliate account. Any device that can connect you to the internet will work perfectly and fine. All you need to do is get an affiliate account, and post their products and services anywhere you think there is a potential customer. However, tracking your sales is a bit tricky as affiliate marketing networks work and communicate better on a website platform. Many affiliate marketing questions will have different answers, and this may be one of them.

While renowned programs aren’t that easy to get accepted into, they are well worth the effort. First, a reputable program will give you access to various creatives, banners, guidebooks, email marketing resources, their own templates for affiliate links, and some useful affiliate tools, so you won’t have to do everything yourself.

They also often have a set newsletter for their affiliates, so if there’s an upcoming sale or special deal, you’ll know about it straight away. You should check whether the program has an affiliate manager who you can quickly contact whenever you have any questions or encounter problems – and how fast they reply. While the fees for the programs might seem low, you can be sure that the well-known programs will pay you on time, making your affiliate business sustainable.

Several programs also offer additional incentives and rewards for their best-performing affiliates (like free, discounted, or limited products not available to regular customers), so 100% that’s worth checking out as well.

When a reader visits a website for a brand that’s running an affiliate program, an affiliate disclosure statement is necessary to reveal to the reader legally that a commission may be paid to the publisher if the reader clicks affiliate links or a sale is made.

Think about social media, how when an influencer or blogger is selling a product Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, etc have to include a tagline mentioning that it’s sponsored content. The goal of the statement is to be as transparent as possible with the reader and potential customer.

First, what is your niche?

It’s a topic you will be mainly blogging about, rather than just posting about everything and nothing; not only to help internet visitors know what your channel is about but also to make Google rank your blog or website higher.

Affiliate marketers can take years to answer this question correctly, out of all affiliate marketing questions. While creating a blog on a Website or an Instagram account might take you only a couple of minutes, you’ll need a bit more time for pinpointing the exact niche you want to start with.

To maximize your chances for success as an affiliate partner, you should choose a niche that is close to your heart. Since the biggest proportion of your time will be spent creating content centered around the topic you’ve chosen, if you do not know much about it or, in truth, you’re barely interested in it, it will only make the creation of new product review articles or online product videos much harder. Not to mention how much time (and energy) it will take you to finish the piece.

Besides, do you think you could persuade someone to try out a product or service if you aren’t exactly convinced it’s worth it or you barely understand how it works? Probably not. Once you find an area you want to work in, it’s time to look for available affiliate programs you can join.

Yes, absolutely.

Gaming affiliate programs are intentionally as diverse as the market itself. It’s a powerful mix of Video Games, Hardware, and Accessory retailers. Gaming is a similar niche to golf in that the average gamer is happy to drop several hundred dollars on a new GPU or gaming chair. And to repeat that process every year. There’s almost a luxury segment with infinite demand in that market. The gaming niche – generally speaking – is one of the more competitive affiliates marketing niches.

Some of the most commonly played and most profitable genres vis-a-vis e-sports include real-time strategy games, fighting games, card games, a multiplayer battle arena, etc., and examples of some of the popular competitive games/tournaments played globally are League of Legends, Counter Strike GO, PUBG (Pc/Mobile), Call of Duty, FIFA, Clash Of Clans, Mobile Legends, and Hearthstone, to name a few.

It is important to highlight that e-sports can no longer be viewed merely as a leisure/entertainment activity; professional e-sports players need to toil hard and maintain the same level of dedication, passion, and discipline (if not more) as any traditional sports’ athlete.

You can easily promote products and services from three or more affiliate programs on your website and blog simultaneously. In the end, you’ll learn about another bonus program: The Twitch Affiliate Program which is making affiliates very wealthy in a new way too.

it’s called (IEAP) or Invictus Esports Affiliate Program. Know the guidelines here (click this link)

Invictus Esports offers 3 types of affiliation namely:

  1. Team Handler/Sharer/Inviter/Blogger/Marketer/Advertiser/
  2. Event Host/Event Organizer
  3. Website Ads

For those without a website Marketer/Advertiser
Here’s how you do it, assuming all necessary procedures for your affiliation are done and approved.

1. Get familiar with all the services we offer. We strongly recommend testing it yourself this way you will have an idea of what’s best for your potential customers. 

2. Introduce yourself and your intentions clearly to the customer as part of the affiliate disclosure statement. Do not use irrelevant information or represent yourself as an Invictus Esports representative or employee. Just tell them the truth, you’ll be fine. This way you don’t have to worry about the future because you lied. 

(be guided like this example statement: 

“Hello, Maam/Sir,
My name is Mark, I would like to offer you services that will help your community grow faster and boost your following on your community page. I’m an Invictus Esports affiliate and I’m offering you their services for a small commission. I can assist if you’re interested. 

3. If the said customer is interested, send them your “affiliate link” where they are going to sign up or pay. If your affiliate link is not integrated with a website, Do Not Post or Give Out your affiliate link if it is not necessary due to the following reasons:
– if you are using social media marketing the platform may consider your link as spam and will get flagged or will not work (FB and other social media platforms are strict these days) take care of your affiliate link
– remember you will only get paid for a commission per sale, not per click so there’s no point in sharing it with everyone

4. Ask for a copy of the receipt and send it to us (make sure to inform the right person) to start setting up the service and access codes. Remember that only the receipt related to the official Invictus Esports payment account number will be accepted and recognized. You are not allowed nor entitled to receive payments on behalf of us for any reason at any time, doing so is a violation of your affiliate agreement. Any complaint from a third party without basis or no relation to the official Invictus Esports payment documents shall not concern us.

5. Keep a copy of all the transaction receipts related to your affiliation for your reference. That’s it. Keep good relationships with your customers and somehow it may reach you again for another sale, or promote another useful service to them for more commission. 37 days is just a few days and the more commissions you make the bigger amount you’ll get, and the greater the amount the more useful it is to spend.


Event Host/Manager/Organizer
Here’s how to do it, assuming all necessary procedures for your affiliation are done and approved.

Invictus Esports event hosting can easily be performed alone thanks to the website’s capability.

  1. Choose and sign up for the event you want to host.  Do not host an event if you are not assigned or approved, otherwise, you will not get paid. You may host as many events as you are able, available, as long as you can do it right, and that you are approved to do it. (Note that you will get paid per successful event. If your event end up with a conflict or dispute therefore you will answer as to how much damage the conflict will cause) (If the participants complain is due to your irresponsible action, or lousy services, and is not mandated in the guidelines your affiliation will be terminated.) 
  2. Create a List of players in your scorecard. A list of team will be provided (see reservation channel). (Do Not Include Un-registered Team or Players In Your List) Or do not allow other teams/players that are not booked (Not even your friend).
  3. Follow the guidelines for every event namely: waiting time, allowed player level, number of teams, etc…
  4. Know the rules of every specific event, this way you know what is right or against.
  5. Create a custom room (what type of room doesn’t matter) (Note: all Invictus Esports event rooms will use 1 same password “INV1”
  6. Room IDP Posting, to the communication channel. (make sure you forwarded the right information with the rules, see format examples)
  7. 8-10 minutes from the moment you forwarded the room info, (cannot be extended) If you have doubt in your net-connection and that you still have time request for substitution, please do so.
  8. Start the match (You will start the match with or without players inside)
  9. Observe the Match (save a screenshot or recording for all important occurrences during the match, results, and room ping status)
  10. Input the scores to your assigned scorecard (will be provided). Invictus Esports utilizes an online and live scorecard, your data table will be linked to the website. You don’t need to upload any data, the website pulls the numbers in your data table and will do the computation. (make sure you are connected to the internet) (make sure you entered correct scores per team to avoid commotion)
  11. Award the winners with an express e-Certificate provision (note: make sure there is no objection about your results, the scorecard software is a modern calculator it will “not” make a mistake unless there is an error in the data entry, try to recheck every time you input the score to your data table this way you don’t need to recheck the whole scorecard) A link will be provided to you to award the winners. You will need the following information for the top 3 teams of your hosted event:
  • Rank
  • Total Points
  • Team ID Code
  • Date of the Event
  • Your Password

The Certificate Generator and Database will do the rest and other needed information in minutes. You may tell the winner’s representative to check their email after 3-5 minutes, the certificate will be sent to the registered email address of the representative per team.

That’s it.
Keep good relationships with your players and representative. Somehow they might be your regular lineup. 37 days is just a few days and the more commission you make the bigger amount you’ll get, and the greater the amount the more useful it is to spend.


for Website Advertising
contact us @ invictusgeeks@gmail.com

10% for marketers/publishers/bloggers (per sale)
8% Website ads/webpage promotion (per sale)
50% Event Host/Event Manager/Event Organizer/Partners (per successful event)
60% after 1 year of affiliation to all Event

We offer different products and services in every Gaming environment, Some of them are the following:

Event Web Page where the Top participating team are featured
Landing Page, to post your blog, clan recruitment, rules, elite players, etc…
Live scorecards for events and tournaments for reliability and transparency.
Event ticketing software for ease and security.
Lifetime cloud storage
Instant Certificate (claim in just minutes)
Verifiable, Authentic, And Downloadable Credentials
Social and Event Booster software

37 days, after the sale or successful transaction. We understand the excitement of you getting paid, but like every other business; Invictus Esports needs to follow the Return or Refund policy, legal guidelines, and international law for at least 30 days of warranty. The 7 days are used for accounting and payment process. 

Invictus Esports will not pay your commission if the transaction is refunded. Read your guidelines carefully.

When they say “scam” it maybe means to betray, cheat on you, or not to pay you. Do you agree? If yes, here’s our answer…

We wish the answer to this question is simply a “NO”, however, we would like you to “understand our part as a business” with logic.

Think of it this way:
For example, you expect a total commission of 2K (eg. two thousand) for your 20% marketer commission for the past whole month; this means the company earned 8K from your hard work, right? Why should lose you for 2K over 8K every month? What a waste? What is meant by this is that “we must not” or no company would ever waste a sales. Not including the damage to the reputation of the company name over “your 2 thousand”, even if it is 20 thousand it will never be worth it to scam anyone.
In fact, the reality is that to start and keep the business running, “it will require a large amount” of business money and 8k a month will help pay the monthly bills. And for a business to work or make it work, of course it needs ideas, manpower, and sales. Why would a company take such a big chance on losing a salesperson? It makes no sense?  

Invictus Esports will not waste an affiliate unless keeping them will just harm the business. And we are registered for 10 years check about us here. Some Facts We Are Proud Of.

Another thing worth mentioning is that you will be able to view the progress and status of your commission as we use premium affiliation software meaning, you will have your own link, page, and dashboard.

We can’t,

Nobody is.

Or shall we say “We don’t know what lies ahead for Invictus Esports in the future“.

What we have is purely the truth, statistics, confidence, hard work, and hope.
The truth of pure registered legal business and fair play.
The global e-sports market has been estimated to be growing from 11.09% to 18.6% every year amid pandemic. We are confident that Esports and Gaming has potential for business.
The anticipation of the future Esports in the Olympics
Nowadays, there are large number of e-sports tournaments and/or championships are high-value, big-budget affairs offering prize money to the tune of millions, and are often live streamed through platforms like Twitch, Facebook Gaming, YouTube Gaming, etc.
There are currently very few competitors in the Esports industry.

(We may be one of the few esports communities that have our own website, if not the first in the Philippines; see it yourself the features.)

Live scorecards for events and tournaments for reliability and transparency.
Event ticketing software for ease and security.
Lifetime Cloud storage  and database
Instant Certificate generator (claim in just minutes)
Verifiable Authentic Credentials and downloadable anytime you want
Social and event booster software
Advanced Slot Reservation
and more that are currently under construction

We do understand that doing business is a gamble. What we can assure anyone is that “we will never involve your commission” with it. You will get what you deserved.


The funding of Invictus Esports is located in Northern Territory, Central Australia. If you are inside this country, you will be paid in any way you wanted. However, if you are outside Australia the following method will work perfectly just fine:

  • e-wallet, G-Cash
    PayPal (Personal or Business Account)
    Wire or Bank Transfer
    Remittance (Western Union, Ria, Remitly, and many more)

Important Reminder:
Invictus Esports will pay or send your commission if the total reaches or is above $25 or (PHP 600) only. Fees will be paid by us and all Commissions will be sent in mass payment. Please read and follow the guidelines.

During your application, you are required to provide legal & true information. You will have access to the website, unique link will be issued (this link is used by the software to track and record your affiliation, “DO NOT MODIFY THE LINK” you will use this link as your bridge to the merchant page), a page will be created in some cases/event for you (depending on what type of affiliation or how you will promote us).

For website affiliate, fill out an application here or  join our discord here!

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