Mixed Tier Scrimmage

          *Invictus Esports reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. The Host or Admin may, in its own determination and reasonable discretion, issue any or all of the following: (a) verbal or written warning, (b) no score or disqualification (c) removal or forfeiture of a match, (d) ban.

3 Absolute Rules To Follow.

Rule #1:
Fair play at all times. (Do it as stated in the guidelines).

Rule #2: 
Any violation with regard to the rules & prohibitions is subject to disciplinary action. (You will be removed, disqualified, or banned from continuing or joining the service as we find, suspect, or are satisfied with the violation without obligation to prove or justify).

Rule #3:
Less or low loyalty points  (scores are loyalty points) will result in termination (your team ID will be deactivated, team profile will be deleted). No-Show & disqualification is loyalty point deduction (see loyalty points guide). 

*Comment your “Clan Name/Team Name = Agreed”

            Your comment will be verified as a requirement before any of your representatives will be invited into our private chat.

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sic parvis magna
Service Type
PUBGM Scrimmage
Provider Name
Invictus Esports, PUBG Mobile
PUBG Mobile Gaming Mixed Tier Scrimmage. 21 teams to compete, top 3 to win, top 10 may keep their slots.

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