Qualifier has ended, event is now active & ongoing.

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Team DeathMatch Tournament


Read this guideline carefully to join!
– 15 Years Old or above
– Full Squad (Team of 4-5) (optional)
– Must be in 1 the same Clan
– Must have same Name Tag
– 1 Best & Updated Logo
– 1 Representative per team Only
– Handhelds Only

(this is how to do it to qualify & valid)
– Do simple tasks to earn & accumulate points
– Top 16 Most Entries (PREVIEW) to join
– 1 Screenshot (clear image) showing Points
– Submit on Oct. 24, 2022, 10 PM – 12 Midnight
– Submit your image as a comment on a poster
– Poster will be POSTED in the LOBBY GC
– Wait for the Registration Poster to be posted.
– Late & wrong way of submission is Invalid
– Comment timestamp at 12:01 AM is invalid.

– 16 Participation e-Certificates
– 3 Invictus Esport’s Title Certificates
– Top 3 (joins the Proving Series Semi-Finals)
– Join Ticket for Tier 1 Scrimmage
– 2K PHP to be divided as follows:
Tournament Champion = 1K PHP
Second Place = 600 PHP
Third Place = 400 PHP

– Squad Match
16 Teams to Compete
1, 3, 5, & 7 Matches (Round 1 to Finals)
1 Win or Most Wins to Win
– End Game Screenshots (mandatory)

Time: 8 pm Onwards
Qualifier Starts: October 17-24, 2022
Round 1: October 26, 2022
Round 2: October 27, 2022
Semi-Finals: October 28, 2022
Finals: October 29, 2022
Main Weapon Required: M416 Only 
Secondary Main Weapon: Allowed
Side Arms: any available is allowed
Game Perspective: TPP or FPP
Game App: Global Version Only
Server: Asia
Stoppage: No Pause after every match
Waiting – Start a Match: 3 Minutes 

– Entry Slot Obstruction (10 sec) (5-point deduction)
– Wrong Team Slot (10 sec) (5-point deduction)
– Wrong Slot In-Game (disqualified)
– Occupying Spectator Slot (absolute ban)
– Glitch and Bug Exploitation (10-point deduction)
NO All Mic (may result in disqualification)
– Harassment (Admin’s Recommendation)
– Teaming Up (forfeiture or ban)
– Abstention or No-Show (forfeiture)(ban)
– Roster changes before the tournament Only
– Incomplete roster is disqualified

– M416 Only (single or dual weapon is allowed)
– No Sliding (5-point deduction)
Registered players Only
Valid Win as declared by the game.
– If the game results in a DRAW (plus 1 Match)


  • Event Chat Eviction:
                Any violation with regard to the guidelines, special event rules & prohibitions is subject to disciplinary action. (You will be evicted, disqualified, or banned from continuing or joining the service as we find, suspect, or are satisfied with the violation without obligation to prove or justify).
  • A Proof is a Must:
                  Unreasonable complaints or baseless accusations are highly discouraged and will not be considered. Gameplay recordings are not prohibited nor encouraged. “If you cannot prove it, keep it”. However, a request to place the suspected team under observation is very much appreciated (please do it in private). 
  • Conflicts:
                   In the event of a conflict between the interpretation of these guidelines shall be settled by a vote of a majority. In the event of a conflict between teams must be settled after the Admin’s final determination or shall be settled outside the service without compromise. In the event of grave misconduct against individual rights within the service, legal action may occur or will be organized.


  • Live Coverage: 
                   Invictus Esport’s Team DeathMatch Tournament does not include regular & live match streaming for the event. However, if available and agreed upon (free service agreement) between the streamer and Invictus Esports may be possible under a definite condition of not less than 2 minutes delay. Under these circumstances, Invictus Esports denies liability for any unfairly gaining advantage of any participant with regards to the disclosed information of the content during streaming. Unless agreed upon, considered safe from malpractice, or fairly applicable within the service, the no streaming provision will continue. 
  • Event Chat Room:
                   This channel is private and exclusively for all current event participant representatives (room takers) only, (one team-one representative only), any changes must be requested and approved 30 minutes before the event starts otherwise may not be considered. Representatives must change their respective names accordingly (failure to comply may result in removal). After the scrimmage, or scoring result has been finalized, forwarded, or released; unless instructed by an Admin, everyone must leave the room.

Qualifier Tasking Ends in

Qualifier has ended, event is now active & ongoing.
sic parvis magna
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