Tier 1 Scrimmage

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Heads Up Soldier!
This competition is not for amateurs!

             The service is exclusive and requires high level of gaming standards (an elite-to-pro level of player qualification). Only verified high-calibre teams are allowed to join

Why Join INV1 Scrimmage?

              Scrimmage in tournament mode.

             Our goal is to deliver optimized gaming solutions, to make your community grow, be recognized, and elevate with pride. To do this, we offer the following features of the service (listed below) therefore helping you determine how we can achieve this goal, why to join us, how we can help, and what can you make out of it

              The main objective of the service is to ensure players are on top of their skills and abilities all the time, making them ready for battle at any time. To maintain the player’s Game Sense, Social Responsibility, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship in any esports competition. 

Optimized Gaming Solutions

Powered by Globe Wi-Fi at 600 Mbps for a better gaming experience.

The service uses an advanced custom room for every match.

Registered 5 team members only. To ensure the competence of every team, No Try-out and No Un-Approved player is allowed otherwise disqualified (evicted). Team roster changes is valid every Sunday Only.

Compete against highly-skilled players to prove or improve your skills in a highly competitive scrimmage as we only collect high-calibre teams to participate.

Using an advanced slot reservation platform you can book your team at your own convenience at any time. Organize their schedules for the next day or week. Simple! This premium feature is very useful for handling multiple teams.
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Awarding is initiated (if without objections) 5 minutes after the event. Your certificate will in your inbox not later than 10 minutes guaranteed.


Live & Transparent scoring available on our website. This a useful piece of information to plan ahead for the next match.

Be proud of your winnings as it is recorded, up-to-date, & promoted online on our website. Let them know who’s the Best 21 Teams for in our scrimmage history (per season).


Coded like no other and notarized with serial number. This is a fact: Players tend to change names when joining a clan. For this reason, we include PAN (Player’s Account Number doesn’t change) on our certificates for “reliability. Complete information is available on our website for verification.

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Copy, Paste, and Verify.

Verify Certificate Here


Only the best to win these certificates: 

IПV1 Scrimmage Champion
IПV1 Scrimmage Conqueror
IПV1 Scrimmage Challenger

*Detailed & Posted on our website.

  • Regular Scrimmage
    Top 3 Team wins Authentic Certificates
    1 MVP Certificate (most kills by a player)
    Disqualify an Opponent (gets 1 bonus win)
  • Proving Series (Monthly)
    Top 3 Team wins Authentic Certificates
    1 MVP Certificate (most kills by a player)
    1 INV1 win to qualify & join
  • INV1 Championship (Quarterly)
    Top 5 Team wins Championship Certificates
    – 1 MVP Certificate (most kills by a player)
    Top 18 Teams with Most Win to Join
    (if a team forfeits to join, the top 19-25 are eligible)

Cash Rewards 
3 Exclusive Slots 


       This article defines the Rules and Regulations governing the service of Invictus Esports “IПV1 Tier 1 PUBG Mobile Exclusive Scrimmage” as official and mandatory. Any violation may result in “eviction“, disqualification“,termination of affiliation“, or a “banpenalty

(*). This article shall provide awareness and understanding of how the service works.
(a). To ensure players are on top of their skills & abilities making them ready for battle at any time.
To maintain the player’s Game Sense, Social Responsibility, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship.

        All qualifications for joining the service shall be under these terms and conditions. Confirmed and agreed upon between INVICTUS GEEKS (ABN 26574940923, ASIC 1-46840434028) of Invictus Esports and all participant’s nominated members. It is the duty of the team representative or Team Captain to ensure the team’s full awareness of these guidelines.

(1). The mode of service is to provide “Tier 1 PUBG Mobile Scrimmage“.
Team Registration by Team Captain Only (else will be denied).
(3). Only registered & approved participants are permitted to join.
(4). Rules Of Engagement  (start of 2nd Play Zone Circle)
(5). 10 Minutes to flight ( with or without your team).
(6). Five-Five Rule Effective (5 complaints, 5 minutes = Rematch).
(7). 1 Team = 1 Representative Only (else will be evicted).

Active Email Address (document receiver)
Team ID Number (awarded if qualified) 
Team Registration (by the Team Captain)
Team Booking (per participation)
– (5) T3 Certificates (not later than 30 days)
or (3) T1 Certificates (not later than 3o days)
or (3) Invictus Mixed Tier Certificates
– 1 Team Handler (legal age) FB profile link
1 Team Captain

15 years old/above
All Sexuality
Must be inside a Clan
Must have a clan Tag
Must have the same Tag
Maximum of 2 Teams Only
Try-Out player is prohibited
count Level 50 & above

App Version             – Global Version 
Platform                   – Tablet & Handheld Devices 
Game Perspective  – TPP, FPP 
Time                          – 8:00 PM Onwards
Contest                     – Top 3 most points to win
Match Category      – Squad
No. of Entrants       – 21 Squads
No. of Contests      – 4 Full Matches
Stoppage                 – Admin’s Discretion
5-5 Rule Rematch   – Admin’s Discretion
Waiting Time           – 8 to 10 Minutes
Maps                         – era-vik-mir-san (random
Server                       – Asia


 Entry Slot Obstruction (20 sec) (removal & minus 5-point)
 Wrong Team Slot (10 sec) (removal & 5-point deduction)
 Wrong Slot In-Game (1=No Score)(2=disqualified)
 Occupying Spectator Slot (eviction asap, forfeiture & ban)
 Glitch and Bug Exploitation (is cheating) (disqualified)
 All Mic is No Violation (unless proven)(no score per match)
(set your speakers private) (complaining is not encouraged)
 Shooting Crates (1=no score/per match) (2=ban)
Harassment (Admin’s Discretion)
Emote Towards (crate/player) (1=no score/per match) (2=ban)
Piggyback (carrying an enemy) (1=no score/per match) (2=ban)
Fist-Kill is counted (punching a downed enemy is Disqualified)
Teaming Up is Cheating (forfeiture & ban)
Incomplete Roster (5-Point Deduction)
Using an Emergency Kit (5-Point Deduction)
Air Drop & Flare Drop Supplies (5-Point Deduction)
Use Of Unapproved Player (Disqualified)

        Participants who fail to abide by the rules or any violation with regard to the guidelines & prohibitions are subject to disciplinary action. (will be evicted, disqualified, or point deduction, or banned from re-joining the service/s as we find, suspect, or are satisfied with the violation without obligation to prove or justify).

ix.2 Rules Of Engagement:
To ensure all players are ready for a fight & without connection issues (during this time the host), early engagement is prohibited during the first (play zone) circle. Violation may result in disciplinary action.

ix.3 Conflicts:
         (a). In the event of a conflict between the interpretation of these guidelines shall be settled by a vote of a majority.
         (b). In the event of a conflict between teams must be settled after the Admin’s final determination.
         (c). In the event of a conflict between representatives or room-taker (inside the event chat) (both are subject to eviction) must be settled outside the service without compromise.
         (d). In the event of grave misconduct against individual rights within the service, legal action will be organized.

ix.4 Abstention:
        No-Show from a match in any round may result in any or all of the following: (a) disqualification, (b) eviction, (c) suspension of affiliation, and (d) repeated infractions will result in a ban.

ix.5 End-Game Screenshots:
        1 screenshot after every match is mandatory. Invictus Esports does not guarantee accurate rectification of any errors arising out of any “unfortunate” event that affects the scoring summation of an event at any time. No Score penalty will apply.

ix.6 Proof is a Must:
       In the event of any violation beyond the Admin’s awareness and observation, participants must privately submit evidence for complaint. Only the Admin shall determine valid or relevant proof. Baseless accusations are highly discouraged and will not be considered. Gameplay recordings are not prohibited nor encouraged. If you cannot prove it, keep it”. However, a request to place the suspected team under observation is very much appreciated (please do it in private). 

ix.7 Booking Cancellation & Refund:
          No booking cancellations are permitted and are valid between 4-11 PM (during these hours we are in the process of organizing the event of the day). Unless we are notified clearly (in private writing or call with acceptable reasons outside these event hours) your scheduled match will continue or be subject to forfeiture. If cancellation is valid & approved you may: (a). request for a re-schedule or (b). ask for a refund to be paid after 3 working days but not later than 7 working days.

           Invictus Esports does not guarantee cheat-free matches during and every contest. We strongly recommend all participants be vigilant during the match. To ensure & maintain FAIR PLAY within the service a “Plus 1 Win” reward will be awarded to any team that disqualifies an opponent (see section ix.6). This winning will be added to the leaderboard however does not include a certificate. Keep your report accurate, valid & private.

Match Points = Placement Points + Number of Kills
xi.2 Total Score = Sum of all match points   
xi.3 Point System is as follows:

         1 Kill = 1 Point

  WWCD            = 15 Points                                         
           2             = 12 Points
           3             = 10 Points
           4             =  8 Points
           5             =  6 Points
           6             =  4 Points
           7             =  2 Points
           8-12       =  1 Point
           13-21     =  zero 

xi.4 Tiebreaker:
         Ties between teams (equal scores) will be determined in the order of (a). total of placement points, (b). total of accumulated kills,  and (c). placement in the last match.

xii.1 Team Booking
         To join the scrimmage, participants must register on the “Team Booking” platform (see service menu link) to book a team for a specific or preferred date. Advance reservation is recommended & permitted

vii.2 Live Coverage: 
           Invictus Esports INV1 Tier 1 Scrimmage does not guarantee live match streaming for the event. However, if available and agreed upon between the streamer and Invictus Esports may be possible under a definite condition of not less than 2 minutes delayUnder these circumstances, Invictus Esports denies liability for any unfairly gaining advantage of any participant with regards to the disclosed information of the content during streaming. Unless considered safe from malpractice and fairly applicable within the service, the no streaming provision will continue. 

vii.3 INV1 Event Chat Room:
          This channel is private and exclusively for all current scrimmage participants only, any changes must be requested 30 minutes before the event starts otherwise may not be considered. Representatives must change their respective names accordingly (failure to comply may result in removal). After the scrimmage, or scoring result has been finalized, unless instructed by an Admin everyone must leave the room.

xii.4 INV1 Lobby Chat Room: 
          This chat room is used as a registration hall for “Mixed Tier Scrimmage Only” (but not for tier 1 be aware), for general communication, and for everybody who wants to join any of our services. 

        *Invictus Esports reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time. The host or its personnel (Admin) may, in its own determination and reasonable discretion, issue any or all of the following: (a). verbal or written warning, (b). eviction & disqualification (c). forfeiture, and  (d). ban.

         Invictus Esports does not warrant nor guarantee the security and fair play of any contest at any time. Invictus Esports denies liability for any loss or damage suffered by, or injury to, any person (including yourself and any third parties) that may result from the use of this service.

xv. DISCLAIMER        
              Invictus Esports does not represent, express legal qualification, reproduce, redistribute, remodify nor speak for, or not on behalf of, impersonate, nor be an agent for the PUBG Mobile Game, legal representatives, and its developers other than fair use, fair play & as a consumer. “No Copyright Infringement intended”.  “No Copyright intended”. Invictus Esports, INVICTUS GEEKS, and its personnel shall not be liable for any legal claim.


        These guidelines will be updated if/as required at our sole discretion, it is your duty to visit this page from time to time for changes. 

See the FAQ article for more Questions

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.
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