Opportunity Awaits

If you are passionate about gaming in esports this is for you. 

Duty Classifications

  • Work Without A Boss ‘coz You’re It!
  • You Choose Your Time Of Work!
  • Your Passion And Your Game Of Choice! 
  • Work at Home With Convenience!
  • The More You Sweat The More Get!
  • Work With Ease and Full Support!
  • Get 40%, or If You Deserve We’ll Split Even!
  • Bonus Incentive up to 3% each Under Your Wings
  • Building Your Fame And Prestige
  • You Are One With The Pioneers

Door Is Now Open

Role: Affiliate, Esports Service Provider, Event Manager/Organizer, Partner
Reporting to: Invictus Esports Manager
Salary: 40% per Successful Event
Hours: 2.5 to 3 Hours/Until Event Is Finalized
Location: Invictus Esports (www.invictusesport.com)
Purpose: Fill a Position As We Shape a Community To Promote Philippine Esports For a World-Class Selection Of Professional Players 

Key Responsibilities & Duties
Detailed Guidelines for Duties And Responsibilities Will Be Discussed In Private.

Requirements And Qualifications
2 Dependable Devices At Least 3-Year-Old Model (2 Handhelds or 1 Handheld and 1 PC)
Good Internet Connection (Data Connection Is Not Applicable)
Academic Educational Attainment Is Not Required
Willing To Follow Guidelines Without Fail
Willing To Comply Or Share Ideas For The Better
Can Be Trusted With High-Level Access Codes
Can Be Trained, Or Help Train Other Colleagues
Good Communication Skills Including Conflict Resolution and Friendly
Good Organisational Skills And Attention To Detail
Can Work Without Direct Supervision
Willing To Work as Team Member
With Knowledge In Data Entry
With Experience In PUBG Mobile Scrimmage Services
With Knowledge And Experience In Any Gaming Sports Event

Interested Parties May Reach Us at

Email – invictusgeeks@gmail.com
FB Page – @invictusgeeks

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Join & Earn With Us
Fill a position as we shape an Esports Community with a world-class selection of PUBG Mobile Players.
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Invictus Esports
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