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IПV乛 One Tier 1 PUBG Mobile Scrimmage is an exclusive & high-tier competition that serves as a proving ground for highly competent players “to ensure players are on top of their skills and abilities all the time, making them ready for battle at any time. To maintain the player’s Game Sense, Social Responsibility, Teamwork, and Sportsmanship in any esports competition.” 

An Upgrade
Invictus Esports has succeeded in understanding the needs of the gaming community and we believe that we can provide. This upgrade is a step forward as commitment to our goal to operate and deliver optimized gaming solutions, to empower talented players, to boost your community growth with honor and pride. 

INV1 Scrimmage is an enhanced esports service that uses automation & integration. The service includes enhanced qualities, reliability and better features & benefits. The difference is considered not limited as we continue to improve our service features.

*How We Select the Team – the service requires a team registration that undergoes pre-screening (this includes automated verification inside our database for blacklisted players, ban, & collected community feedback) and conducts a verification process manually (this includes team achievement certificates). We use this method to avoid, if not, minimize toxic players or any malpractice from joining the service. Pure skills and fair play is everything.

*Transparent & Live Scorecard – this feature is the most effective and will boost the player’s game sense, planning, decision making, and gameplay by knowing the team’s performance in real time. The estimated time delay from the end of the match is between 10-15 minutes scores can be viewed on our website. This helps a lot for all teams to plan ahead to gain an advantage, hold or push for more scores.

*Winnings Leaderboard – all your winnings are recorded in our database and with up-to-date Top 25 Best Team is available anytime for you to learn we’re your team is one of them. Be proud, share it to your friends. The page if free access for everyone.

*Authentic Certificate Generator – powered by up to 7 integrated software, these feature delivers unchallenged and fulfilling provision within the service. Unique coded with a 29-key Document Serial Number (with serial number validator, see HOW TO VALIDATE? channel on our Discord Community Server), with up-to-date listing available on our website and email sending integration. All you need is just the Team ID Number, and the rest happens in just seconds, open your email and you should have your certificate.

Think of the feeling when you do a lot of stress and hard work then you get what you deserved without a long wait. Awesome! right?

*24/7 Online Booking (for Tournament & PAID Scrim Slot Reservation) join a tournament by booking your team anytime or any date at your own convenience all you need is your team’s ID and online payment method (G-Cash or PayPal). 

*Lifetime Cloud Storage – a military-grade secured encryption with a public accessible drive for download where all achievements certificates are kept all you need is the 27-key serial number of the certificate to verify and get a copy of your certificate. Bring your code here to verify.

And more …

***INV1 is an exclusive service and is hosted inside a Discord Community Server HERE
*** this article is Not the official guidelines…read the INV1 official guidelines HERE

          Our mission is to give everyone the competitive gaming space, pure, and fair contest the best we can, to do this, we came up with the following service protocol.

  • Participation Agreement – we require all team members to read and understand the official guidelines before joining. This is to ensure both party (the host and participants) has basis or rules to follow therefore agreed what OK or NOT within the service.
  • Team Registration – to join the service, every team are required to qualify (representative, player qualification, and valid T1 certificates) every team information will be verified by a pre-screening program (if valid a Team ID Number will be awarded) and manual validation (if qualified a role inside our Discord will be awarded) (this role will unlock all private channels and give access to anyone with the role).
  • Slot Reservation – to join an INV1 daily scrimmage, an ss of your support and daily slot reservation is required (except VIP members, they have exclusive slot assigned only for them to occupy, ss of their support is not mandatory) to reserve a slot for a team must:
  1. nominated team representative must be a member of our Discord server (all team members to join the server is recommended) (this may useful when there is a change for room taker, please ask for assistance). Room IDP channel only allow users who did the slot registration for access, however an ADMIN can help (please do it ahead of the schedule otherwise may not be allowed or doable). Room ID information will not be provided anywhere else other than the designated Room IDP channel ONLY.
  2. claimed a slot by approved reservation
    ✅- is valid, accepted and listed
    ❌ – is not
  3. to claim a slot, follow these 2-line

    Team Id Number
    @Rep/Room Taker

    @Ser, Kronos


    The Slot Manager will reply with the above indicators. DO NOT mention other user as room taker (it may not work) (this mistake will cost you a match) mention only yourself for valid reservation. Do check your team ID number, if done correctly, your team will be listed, a new role will be assigned to you by the slot manager, the room idp channel will be unlocked for you, and you’re all set, do make your team ready for the match.Slot List – team listings will be posted in both the reservation and room idp channel as soon as : when the maximum slot has been reserved (slot manager will automatically close the reservation and post the slot listing in the designated channels) or when the reservation has been manually closed. Check and verify your slot correctly & accurately , remember!, rules.

  4. Scrim Pre-Join Requirements – per scrim ss requirement varies depending on your membership (see membership benefits) may include:
    valid end-game SS is mandatory

    – 2 Share a Post SS
    – 5 Share a Stream SS
    – Like a Page or Follow SS
    – Make a 5 star review (FB Page)

    Admin will validate all submitted screenshots, any violation will result a suspension penalty as mandated by the official guidelines.

  5. End Game Results – INV1 has a live scorecard and is accessible at any time, however the official result shall only be the one posted by an Admin inside the room idp channel.. Objections to the scorecard is valid only not later than 10 minutes after the official scorecard or result has been posted. Awarding will then start after the 10 minutes allocated time.

***this article is Not the official guidelines…read the INV1 official guidelines HERE


Invictus Esports provides premium esports hosting for both .FREE to join and Premium membership of the service, (but of course with premium comes with better benefits, membership benefits list on our discord server), although the vast majority of players (or teams) do not need to pay, and usually paying members are just people who would like to support & help us grow.


INV1 Tier 1 Scrimmage service does not include live streaming/shout casting
for every event. However, if available and agreed upon (without conflict to this agreement)
between the streamer and Invictus Esports may be possible under a definite condition of
not less than 2 minutes delay. Under these conditions, Invictus Esports denies liability with
regards to the disclosed information of the content during streaming. Unless agreed
upon, considered safe from malpractice, or fairly applicable within the service, the no
streaming provision will continue.

There’s a reason why we deny your joining application. 1 or all or these:

1. Your Team is Not Qualified
2. Using Invalid Information 
3. Blacklisted, Active Penalty, Ban

Unregistered players & Changes in team players without approval is prohibited and could result in termination of participation or worst, ban. Only registered players are allowed to participate in the service. If your team is eligible for substitute players, you may use them at any time.

If however the team necessitate for a new member must be verified and approved by us before they can join, otherwise penalty may occur. Request for team roster changes is allowed and possible only every SUNDAY.


Invictus Esports is constructing and imposing a systematic procedure to reduce/exclude “unfair players” from joining and takes reasonable precautions to discourage any malpractice in all our esports events, however; the service does not guarantee that it is a cheat-free contest. We advise every team member/player,  to be observative and vigilant during the game. 

sic parvis magna

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