- a person who has excessive enthusiasm for and some expertise about a specialized subject or activity
“Embrace the challenge, for within every game lies the opportunity to surpass your limits and unveil the hero within.”

Inspiring Game Player

Get ready to take the leap among thousands of gamer across the globe and achieve a pro-level of agility with confidence by constantly competing in a high stake and intense competition against highly competent opponents. Maintain your gaming skills, preserve a high level of game sense,  responsiveness, and game flexibility.

Or if you have a deep passion and love for esports, but feel that you do not have what it takes to be a pro, you can still choose to pursue a lucrative career in the gaming industry. Discover, learn, and develop new skills with us.

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“Turn Your Gaming Passion into Profession”

Level Up!
If you are someone who is serious about converting your gaming hobby or even looking at earning good side income by leveraging your gaming skills, right now is a great time to jump in and join the esports bandwagon.

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Pure And True

Promoting high standards of sportsmanship and enforce fair play as a core principle with reliable, authentic, and verifiable certificates.

Here's Our What? How? Why?

We Care

We, the Invictus Esports Community live by the code, abide the ultimate rule of fair play and support each other.

Be One With Us

We Share

Sharing is the most fundamental act of friendship. It is a way of giving something without loosing anything.

We Can Help

We Dare

We exist to do serious business to help, encourage, support, and create opportunities in the esports industry.

Sic Parvis Magna

Our Clients

We Thank You All For The Love And Support


They helped us so much. We awe them big time. They give us all the reason to evolve, to move on, hold on, and go on. Are you one of them?

Still Growing

287 Communities

This group community trusted us for their needs in providing a unique gaming competition scheme and authentic reliable achievement certificates.

Invictus Salute!

474 Clan Members

That has been a part of the community where some may just come and go but one thing is for sure is that they will remember once being a geek.

Really Awesome!

What We Can?

Exclusive Scrimmage

You are welcome to Qualify and Join as we gather the best, skilled, and elite players in an exclusive contest for fame and more intense competition. Wanna book a match for your team?

Social Following Booster

Wanna build your own niche? We can help you grow your social followers quick and easy on multiple social platforms. Inspire your followers to follow your content for a reward.

Online Booking

Looking for a convenient time to book a match for your elite team? Or wanna keep your team always in optimum performance and agility. Or no time to book in a traditional way, you can book your team for the whole month with us.


Looking for sponsorship? Either YOU or US is great. If our service features is capable enough to sponsor your event, why not? Let us know. Or if you can sponsor an event, will be sweet! We''ll put your name or brand at the frontpage.

Event Ticketing

Manage your events with ease and security by providing secure payment and detailed participant registration.

Live Scoring

Scorecard is more in demand when it comes to any contest or competition. Others can do it after an hour or less. We can do it live, in minutes.


Expand your clan fast and gather more members easy by bringing all your recruits in your own community landing page for much easier orientation.


To gain the trust of our clients is a topmost priority to ensure the future and stability of any hosting or client relation by being true and pure.

Instant Certificates

Claim your Certificate whenever you want, instantly and accurately. Are you a winner? You should not be waiting for hours, we'll give it in 3 minutes.


Is your team ready? Are you ready and confident with your skills? Wanna bet for it? Or put it to a test with something at stake. Prove it in this show down.

Online Store

Gaming Device

Buy & Sell

Buying and Selling high end gaming compatible devices.

Streaming Accesories

Buy & Sell

Buying and Selling content creator gadgets.

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